Monday, November 21, 2011

Why we chose Chef over Puppet at CustomInk

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Wes Freeman said...

Nice post. I've been playing with Chef-solo recently for my latest server build, and so far I think it seems like the right choice for me.

Nathen Harvey said...

@Wes chef-solo is great and an excellent way to get started with Chef. You'll end up losing some things when you go with solo, most notably: search. But it's super powerful and can take you a long way.

As we were getting started with Chef, the typical workflow was:

chef-solo with vagrant
chef with vagrant
chef with an ec2 instance

Panggi Libersa Jasri Akadol said...

Great post! :) but i found something interesting.. :p

The URL :

The Post Title :
"Why we chose Chef over Puppet at CustomInk"

Nathen Harvey said...

@Panggi - yeah, why do you think that is? Link bait? Actually, the real reason is I had originally posted the article with the wrong title but @mattray corrected my mistake!/mattray/status/138658585390497793 I decided not to republish under a different URL.

Anonymous said...

Nice writeup and explanation, thanks. Interesting comment about using heroku first.

Typo notice: " You can use knife ssh to execute"... forgot to complete the sentence?